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Monday, January 31, 2005

In Vino Veritas

How much does what's in your glass say about you? Well, let's start with the reds..

Cabernet Sauvignon - Even though it's big and bold, I tend to see cab savs as a safety blanket for meat eaters.

Merlot - I think, "I’m not drinking any f*#&ing Merlot! Anyone orders Merlot and I’m outta here!” pretty much sums that one up.

Zinfandel - Wow. Wine that actually goes with pizza. However, if you actually DO order a zinfandel w/ a slice of pepperoni, you have issues. Put the glass down immediately and have a beer like a normal person.

Shiraz/Syrah - I'd like to thank the auzzies for making this one a little more mainstream. A lot of people drink Shiraz because they think it's the more exotic choice and they want to be "different". Their deep dark secret? 75% of the stuff in their closet came from either Banana Republic or J. Crew.

Pinot noir - There are few things that taste as good as nice Oregon pinot with some wild Alaskan salmon. Pinots are brilliantly complicated, and its drinkers want you to see them in the same light. However, more often than not, they're just pretentious people who say mean things about merlot.

Well that pretty much sums up my big 5. If I missed a fav of yours, please drop me a line. Tune in tomorrow for the whites and wednesday for analysis of their bastard stepchildren.


At February 1, 2005 at 9:14 AM, Blogger jeromeo said...

Except for the Zin, I like them all unabashedly, if not equally. If I had to choose:

1)Pinot Noir - The Colt .45 of red wines (yes, that's a good thing)

2a)Merlot - bad rap from the snooty types who like to muse on such things.

2b)Shiraz - It's tied for second because 1) I like it. 2) I have Banana Republic in my closet so I'm required to, and 3) To be honest, I really can't tell it from Merlot most of the time. (I can't be alone here)

4) Cab Sav - Not deep enough. The taste a little too sweet to the tongue, the name a little too cutesy to the ear.

5) Zin - fermented kitty pee with a cork.

Of course none of this takes context into account and context is everything. I'm not just talking about food here. I'm talking ambiance. Where I am, what I'm doing, and who I'm with tends to make the choice for me.
And here's the real deep, dark secret: sophisticated palate or not, after the first glass they all taste the same anyway. After the second, you could slip me Mad Dog 20/20 and I would be none the wiser. By then half of it is getting sloshed on my Banana Republic gear anyway! (I know I know, Jen. I'd be 'none the wiser' on red cream soda...)


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